20 inch light bar| 10 INDUSTRY BEST LED LIGHT BARS

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Best 20 Inch Led Light Bar


The 20 inch light bar was designed to improve the brightness for all drivers during the night off-road driving. The light bars listed here are popular among off-road drivers for their high quality and affordable prices. The design and decent size give an excellent appearance when installed on your vehicle. The sun never sets on a vehicle equipped with these LED Light Bars. Some designs offer jaw-dropping good looks that blend perfectly with any vehicles grilles, bumpers, bull bars, or where ever you like! So, here are the 10 industry best 20 inch light bars.



20 inch led light bar shopping

1. Rigid Industries ADAPT 20 Inch Light Bar 



The Rigid Adapt 20 Inch Light Bar is the world's best offroad lighting product that can change instantly according to conditions. Rigid Adapt light bars offer 8 selectable beam patterns that range from a 90 degree broad short-distance beam to a highly focused 15 degree long-distance spot beam in a single fixture. It includes RIGID's new Active View Technology, which allows the beam pattern to actively adjust with vehicle speed. The Adapt has no moving parts. Instead, RIGID used advanced LED technology and combined it with patented new optics to create a revolutionary lighting solution that can Adapt with changing conditions

The Adapt light bar was designed with built-in accent lighting options that can be set to any color in the light spectrum, including white, for a custom look around town. The Adapt package includes a RIGID Dash Controller, which is a molded backlit dash-mounted unit that offers easy, intuitive control of Adapt's beam patterns, Adaptive Mode, Accent lighting, and programmable presets. Adapt Light Bars are available in 10 - 50 inch lengths. With RIGID Adapt, it's never been easier to Own the Night.


  • 8 Selectable Beam Patterns From 15-Degrees to 90-Degrees

  • Integrated Optic Design with Spot, Flood, and Driving Zones

  • Selectable RGB-W Lighting with User Configurable Colors

  • Active View Technology - Automatically Change Beam Patterns Based On Vehicle Speed (ADAPT GPS Module Required, sold separately)

  • RIGID Dash Controller Enables Instant Beam Pattern Changes

  • 2 User Presets - Preset Both Beam Pattern Mode & Accent Lighting Colors

  • Traditional Side Mounting or Underside Low Profile Stealth Mount

  • Kit includes: Wiring Harness, Dash Controller, Under Dash Module and Hardware

  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens

  • Aluminum Heat Sink

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • None

2. Reborn Wakeboard Tower Pro3 20 Inch Light Bar



20INCH 126W LED LIGHT BAR FLOOD SPOT COMBINATION OFFROAD LAMP 4WD - The light output of this 20in LED light bar is simply phenomenal. It produces a mass of cool white daylight (6500k), free of artifacts and focus dead spots. It lights the entire forward viewing area, giving you greater visibility without eye fatigue. The light bar's super efficient reflector uses patented Hybrid Technology, allowing the lights to run at 93% optical efficiency, which is unmatched in the industry. 

The Reborn Wakeboard Tower Pro3 LED light bar consists of two rows of high intensity Cree-LEDs, each sitting in their patented reflector assembly, and each LED is independent. Therefore, if one LED fails the other LEDs will not and the LED light bar will still work fine, Including 2 clamps and rubber inserts fit 2.5", 2 3/8", 2 1/4", 2", 1 7/8", 1 3/4"


  • Easy installation

  • Gives greater visibility without eye fatigue 

  • Cool white daylight (6500k)

  • 20 inch 126W Led Light bar

  • Heavy duty, Super bright

  • Lights entire forward viewing area

  • 1 year manufacturer defect warranty

  • Great customer care


  • Doesn't come with a switch. You will want to add it to an unused switch on the dash 

3. DV8 Offroad Elite Series 20in LED Light Bar 



The 20 inch DV8 Off-road Elite Series Dual Row LED Light Bar is a great choice for bumper or hood mounted trail lighting. The light bar is powered by 200 Watts and produces 16,800 raw lumens of light, making sure that you can see any obstacles in your path. Its low profile bezel-less housing features heat fins to reduce ambient heat. The DV8 off-road elite light bar can be mounted at the sides with the provided brackets, or along the back rail by using Large Elite Series Light Bar Mounts. 

The light bar has an IP68 rating, this signifys that it is resistant to water, dust, dirt, and sand. OSRAM LEDs are rated to 50,000 hours of life, an indirect hooded reflector focuses the direction of the light and reduces hotspots and glare. The UV-resistant lens is shatterproof and intentionally designed to whisk away ice and water.


  • Flood/Spot combo light pattern

  • IP68 rated - resistant to water and dust

  • 200W

  • 16800 raw lumens

  • 3 year warranty


  • None

4. Baja Designs OnX6+ Straight 20in LED Light Bar



At 31,910 lumens, this 20 Inch Light Bar Baja Designs just got up to 69 percent brighter than it's predecessor. The Baja OnX6 plus LED light bar also integrates Baja Designs’ trademarked High Speed Spot reflector, the same one used by our Team Enlightened racers, to give you the furthest guaranteed projecting LED Light Bar on the planet.

Additionally, the Baja OnX6 plus 20in LED light bar adopts industry standard sizing and is now compatible with aftermarket mounting systems. Baja includes a Limited Lifetime warranty and an industry first 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee for the ultimate in purchase protection. 


  • Easy to install

  • Waterproof, Rain Proof, Submersible

  • Includes Squadron Sport LED Light Mounting Bracket

  • Maximum trail coverage in a single light

  • Replaceable Lenses and optics

  • Stainless steel hardware, powder coated cast aluminum housing


  • None

5. Rigid Industries E-Series Pro 20 Inch Spot/Flood Combo LED Light Bar 



This 20 inch E-Series led light bar is one of RIGIDs most versatile, all-around lighting solutions, and recent enhancements in LED technology delivering up to 111% more raw lumens than ever before with the E-Series PRO. The E-Series PRO is among RIGIDs most popular product lines that have recently benefited from several upgrades to improve both looks and performance. The new blacked-out circuit boards and latest branding give the E-Series PRO a more refined look. 

The E-series is available with your choice of optics and features a host of beam options, including Spot, Flood, Driving, Diffused, Hyperspot, and new Driving/Spot and Spot/Hyperspot combinations. These and a lot other innovations make it one of the most efficient and brightest LED light bars on the market. The E-Series innovation was born in off-road, but its versatility makes it well suited for use with power sports, general automotive, marine and even first responder applications.


  • Blacked-out circuit board

  • GORE pressure equalizing vent

  • Harness and switch included (Exclusions apply)

  • High-grade aluminum alloy heatsink

  • IP68 compliant - dust / water ingress

  • 50,000+ hour lifespan

  • 9-36 V DC

  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens

  • Integrated thermal management system

  • 2 black powder coated, L-shape brackets

  • Deutsch connector (4”-10”)

  • Open leads, no connector (20”-50”)

  • Harness with switch


  • None

6. Rigid Industries SR-Series Pro 20 Inch Light Bar (Combo) 



SINGLE ROW LED LIGHT BAR WITH HYBRID OR PATENTED SPECTER OPTICS OPTIONS - Rigid PRO SR-Series 20 inch Light Bars provide a sleek, low profile lighting solution that measures less than 2 inches tall. The SR-Series PRO now offers more light output than ever before with up to 111% more raw lumens, thanks to improved LED technology . As the name implies, the SR-Series PRO light bar utilizes a single row of LEDs in a variety of beam patterns with your choice of Hybrid or patented Specter optics.

The SR-Series PRO is a powerful light source designed to project light at extreme distances while consuming very little power, this combo beam led light bar is ideal for applications where space is limited. Available in a wide range of configurations and lengths, the SR-series PRO LED light bar can be used on virtually any application, whether it's agriculture, an off-road vehicle, industrial, or marine

SR-Series PRO light bars utilize extruded aluminum housings, and are available with either a white or black durable powder coated finish. Coupled with improved LEDs for more output, these PRO LED light bars benefit from new branding and blacked-out circuit boards for a more refined look. The SR-Series PRO 20in led light bar features the same superior build quality as the rest of RIGID's lighting products, providing efficient and reliable lighting on demand.


  • Spot/Flood Combo

  • Single row

  • Watts: 119

  • Amp Draw: 8.5

  • Raw Lumens: 15840

  • Beam Distance: 446m

  • Patented Hybrid Optics

  • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan

  • Instant On / Off - No Warm Up

  • Durable Polycarbonate Lens

  • Designed, Engineered, & Assembled in the USA


  • None

7. Rigid Industries Radiance Curve Plus 20 in Light Bar (White/Amber/Blue)



This 20 inch single row curved led light bar is the perfect solution for those who want RIGID's legendary quality at a level everyone can attain. Coupled with improved LED technology, the Radiance Plus offers more light output than ever before while consuming a fraction of the power compared to incandescent lighting.

The RIGID Radiance Curve plus is built with the same high-grade aluminum alloy housing as the legendary E-Series, but that is where the visual similarities end. Inside, the Radiance light bar is feature packed, with optimized forward projecting Broad Spot optics which combine the attributes of a spot and flood beam pattern, black exposed printed circuit board, and recent updates in LED technology that boast up 4,752 raw lumens in the 10 size.

Further, this rigid 20 inch light bar has back-lighting available in amber, white, red, green and blue. The Radiance light bar is for customers who desire a truly custom look that only RIGID can provide. Even better, the Rigid Radiance Curve Plus now includes a Multi-Trigger Harness designed specifically for the Radiance light bar. The Multi-Trigger Harness also comes standard with two separate backlit LED rocker switches (blue and red), so each circuit can be used independently. Rigid Radiance Plus curved led Light Bars are available in 20 - 54 lengths.


  • Complete Multi-Switch Wiring Harness Included

  • 50,000+ Hour Lifespan

  • 10-15 V DC

  • Durable UV Polyester Powder Coat

  • GORE Pressure Equalizing Vent

  • Harness (Sold Separately)

  • High-Grade Aluminum Alloy Heatsink

  • Integrated Thermal Management System

  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens

  • IP68 Compliant Dust / Water Ingress

  • Mounting Brackets Included

  • Over / Under Voltage Protection

  • Operating Temp -40 degrees F ~ +145 degrees F / -40 C ~ +60 Degree C

  • Protected Against RFI / EMI

  • Reverse Polarity Protection

  • RoHS Compliant

  • SAE J575 Compliant Shock / Vibration

  • E-Series Construction & Durability

  • Independently Controlled Back-Lighting Available

  • Dedicated Wire to Run Back-Lighting without Primary LEDs

  • Black Powder Coated Mounting Brackets

  • Black Exposed Circuit Board

  • Patent-Pending Technology


  • None

8. Pro COMP Motorsports Series 20 in Double Row LED Combo Spot/ Flood Light Bar



Pro Comp's Motorsports Series high intensity 20 Inch light bars set the standard in lighting efficiency. All Pro Comp combo beam LED light bars feature a 50,000 + hour life span, ultra-high lumens/watt, in a Patented Design One Piece Heatsink No Screw Design IP68 housing. Pro Comps' innovative design provides increased visibility in even the darkest of driving conditions. Installation is easy and every light comes with everything you need to get your light installed and wired: Switch, wiring harness, relay, mounting brackets and hardware. Whether you are far off the beaten path, or close to home, count on Pro Comp to light the way!


  • One piece heatsink no screw design

  • Cast aluminum housing

  • UV resistant finish

  • 40 x 5W Osram LEDs with 50,000+ hours average life span

  • Combination Spot/ Flood reflector pattern

  • 100% optically clear LEXAN lens

  • Military standard breather

  • IP68 certification - Dust and waterproof, CE, RoHS, SAE, E-mark, high and low temperature, vibration, salt fog, UV, drop ball impact, mechanical shock test

  • Multi-position stainless steel mounting bracket

  • Color Temperature: 6000-6500K (Daylight)

  • Operating Temp: -40 to +145 degrees

  • Operating Range: 9-36V

  • Raw Lumen: 12,852 LM

  • Submersible up to 10 Feet (3.25 meters)

  • Black DOT compliant clip-on cover included


  • None

9. Rugged Ridge 20 In Light Bar, 60 Watt



Rugged Ridge LED lighting was engineered and tested to optimize your adventure by illuminating the area around you. Their 20 inch light bars are vibration, corrosion, and submersion tested to meet and exceed standards. This Rugged Ridge bright 60 watt single row led light bar is waterproof and has a flood beam pattern on the outer portion and a spot beam pattern on the center portion that provides 4500 lumens of bright white light using 30,000 hour CREE diodes for extra time on the trails.


  • 60 Watts

  • Provides 4500 lumens of bright white light (6,000K)

  • Uses 30,000 hour CREE diodes


  • Not heavy duty

10. Rigid Industries RDS-Series 20Inch LED Midnight Optic Spot Light Bar



The introduction of the RDS-Series by RIGID revolutionized the lighting industry, and the current advancements in LED technology have made them more powerful than ever before with the RDS-Series Professional Race Output (RDS-Series PRO). Armored with an improved lighting output of up to 70% more raw lumens, the RDS-Series PRO light bar projects more usable light exactly where it's needed on the road ahead. By taking the extravagant E-Series light bar and treating it to a gentle arc, the patented RIGID RDS-Series PRO 20 In Light Bar provides a sleek, integrated look with the curved windshields and bumpers on today's SUVs and trucks.

The curve on the RDS-Series PRO is for more than just looks, it's also functional: the arc of the light bar provides a wider spread of LED light, providing unmatched lighting coverage with a single light bar. This RIGID 20 inch light bar also includes updated branding and blacked-out circuit boards for a more refined look. The RDS-series is all about stealth with RIGID's new Midnight Optics. Rigid Industries 20 Inch Light Bar Midnight Optics are available in E-Series, RDS-Series and D-Series product lines.


  • Surface Mount

  • Hybrid

  • 40 White LEDs

  • Black Enamel Finish

  • Black Rectangular Housing

  • 202 Watts

  • 25080 Raw Lumens

  • 435.6m Beam Distance


  • None

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